Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama Choice: A Curtis Mayfield's Song from 1969

Released in 1969 the late Curtis Mayfield's hit, "Choice of Colours" is Obama's favourite message song. Apparently he's no hip-hop guy but a soul man.

By the way, Obama's favourite music is mostly from the same time, even his favourite movies. Something special about this period and in Singapore too.

Check out: YouTube Curtis Mayfield/Impressions - Choice of Colours.

Image: Google sites.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that he likes 60s music and movies. Happy for the African-Americans. Their time has finally come but expectations that Obama can solve the problems in the world may be unrealistic. But hope springs eternal!

Anonymous said...

Sixties music hit the world so hard that up till today the craters are still there - Elton John, Tom Jones, Paul McCartney. Of course, Cliff & Shadows (Hank Marvin still records). If Elvis is alive he will still be recording.
In Singapore some are still singing in clubs, Jap Chong, Matthew of Mandarins, Ramon and I heard James Chua too from Flamingoes.