Thursday, December 25, 2008

Singpore Music Scene Disappeared in 70's

JOY asks: "I wasn't part of the scene but what I'd like to know is... why did it suddenly disappeared?"

(1) It probably disappeared because of the Singapore Government's clampdown on drugs in the early 70s, which was at that time associated with rock music and western depravity. It was called, "Yellow Culture."

(2) According to some 60s Singapore artistes that Andy has interviewed, it also disappeared because of the extreme record-piracy then. Much money was lost because pirated records were being sold on the open market.

(3) Henry Suriya, a 60s crooner and elder brother to Naomi and Robert (The Boys), remembers that when his fans pushed him his EP records to be signed, he noticed that they were mostly pirated copies. 

He smiled and signed them all but it was an unpleasant experience to see only bootleg versions of his own records. Imagine the amount of revenue/royalties the local artistes would have lost. Ironically, the pirates who made copies of these records benefited.

(4) Unpleasant conflicts in some of the 60s nightspots led to physical abuse and fights. There were also unruly elements at the nightclubs and dance venues. As these incidents increased, these places were closed down.

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nomore said...

Guess the 60s persons also getting to disappeared lately as it might my ole friends...thats why.....nice a blog....

Andy Young* said...

Thanks, please write anytime. I appreciate your visiting this blog. I read yours too. It's informative and interesting.

Andy Young* said...

It was a bad situation as many of these boys and girls who worked so hard to get a recording done, found themselves not earning any income from royalties. Apparently the pirates were rampant and destroyed what could have been a reasonably lucrative industry.

DJ Carlito said...

greetings Andy,

your comments are always so insightful.. this post especially.... thank you as always for sharing such valuable information relating to this golden era in singapore music