Monday, December 08, 2008

Kugiran Sweet Charity - Mr Masrom A. Hamid

Our condolence to the family of Mr Masrom Abdul Hamid, 59, a.k.a. YONG, the keyboardist who passed away (image: from Straits Times.) Masrom played with The Silver Strings to back Veronica, Mike & Herb and me.

I met him for studio practices in early Nov 2008. Together with the other members of the band, he assisted me during our practices. Masrom was a quiet person but he was a superb keyboardist.

Well-known with Sweet Charity, Masrom and other members like Ramli Sarip, were dubbed the Magnificent Seven of Malay rock in the 70s. Yong, God bless you and may you rest in peace.

Image From: StraitsTimesPress.


Anonymous said...

Sad to read this post. My condolences to his family.

Joseph C Pereira said...

Dear Andrew,

I attended the November 8 show and remembered seeing the keyboard player but did not realise that he was the former keyboard player with Sweet Charity. I saw Sweet Charity many times in concert during the Seventies. At one concert Sweet Charity appeared as a four piece. Ramli did not turn up as he was unwell. The keyboard player did the singing and they did a great version of Amazing Grace with him singing and Wan burning on the guitar.

His passing is regretted. He and the bass player Hassan who passed away years ago.



FadzhiAdam said...

Awww.. Miss my daddy.. =(

Andy Young* said...

A very nice man who helped me with my pitch and voice when we rehearsed for the show. Thought we could get together again but in vain.

I miss him to. Your dad has a kind heart. God bless his soul.