Saturday, December 27, 2008

Eartha Kitt And Others At National Theatre Singapore

Eartha Kitt sang at the National Theatre and Hotel Malaysia, Singapore in March 1969. Even then we had our share of top international artistes. But was it cheaper to buy a ticket then? And was the show at Hotel Malaysia confined only to an exclusive group?

She wasn't the only one of international standing who came to entertain in Singapore. Others just as well-renowned visited our shores. Check out this blog as you follow my trail cause I cannot tell you now who they were but they were quite a bunch...


She was a singer whose music I enjoy and whose influence was worldwide. EARTHA KITT has passed on at 81.

I had to write this blog as one of her songs, C'est Si Bon is my all time favourite and I remember singing it at the Ocean Park Nite Club a long, long time ago. That's the connection.

The sensual, husky voice of Eartha Kitt lasted for more than 60 years. Her biggest hit was, "Santa Baby". We have all been influenced by her music somehow. May you rest in peace dear lady.

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