Friday, June 07, 2013

With Irene The Siren, Locomotion Hits Ten Feet Up

Recording artiste Irene Yap performed at a venue called 10 Feet Up at Boat Quay and was poster-billed the 60's, Song Siren. It was a one-off affair and she was accompanied by current guitar hot fingers Locomotion. Aloysius was playing the lead.  The drummer was Bert and bassist Charlie. Could the keyboardist be Ngo?  These finely tuned gentlemen from our local hall of fame gave their best. And who's the lady on Irene's left playing rhythm guitar?

There was a pleasant crowd of friends that cheered her all the way. Like the professional, she is, Irene kept the audience relaxed and pensive with her repertoire of 60's songs.  You may have noted there were also costume changes during Irene's performance.  As the evening progressed she belted out hot numbers dressed in flashy red and melted the people around.
Irene Yap With Lead Guitar Aloysius.
Irene sang many songs that night. She began the evening with the medley Hanky Panky and Be-Bop -A-Lula. Then came Frankie, Where The Boys Are, Burong Kakak Tua, Buka Pintu, Lovers Tears (Mandarin), Sukiyaki (Japanese), Amor (Spanish), Bengawan Solo (Indonesian), Gao San Ching (Mandarin) and Meilan Wo Ai Ni (Mandarin).

Flowers were distributed when she sang Paper Roses. She continued with Perhaps, Sway, Besame Mucho (Spanish), Stupid Cupid, Lipstick On Your Collar, Diana, Tennesse Waltz and Hello Darling. 

Locomotion sang Irene Goodnight Irene to herald the end and for her encore, they harmonised singing Blue Suede Shoes. That's a lot of songs Irene!

"Andy, Andy, you must come to my show," she told me days earlier.  But I missed her debut. Maybe next time but thanks.  Bravo Irene!  Your supporters hope you will sing again soon.  This posting's for you.

(Above is a very young Irene taken from a vinyl record cover.)

You can check Irene's credentials by clicking her name under 'Labels' below.

Song Information and Images from Irene Yap.


Irene Yap said...

Andy, what a lovely write up. Thank you. I must mention that Vivian is the lead singer of Lomotion. A singer with a big heart as she graciously stepped back to provide harmony and rhythm on my special night.
Thanks again. Cheers, Irene

Irene Yap said...

Yes, it's Ngo on keyboard and you got the rest of them correctly. Aloysius/ lead, Charlie/bass, Ngo/keyboard, Bert/drums, Vivian/ vocalist and rhythm.
Thank you.

Andy Lim* said...

Thank you Irene for allowing me to publish your special evening and inviting me to the party. I hope there will be another one.

Rob Collins said...

Rob Collins was at this event.

Irene Yap you rocked our world last night. Thanks for your style, whit, humour, stage presence and of course your voice! thanks so much for entertaining us with your one off come back. andthanks to locomotion band too... what a great night.... much love

Thursday at 8:06pm

Teresita MagnoPapa Kong said... gave a great show! We all enjoyed your music...we want MORE...

Alice Chong said...

Irene, you were great! I had a good time!

Stanley Foo said...

Hi Irene,
We are honored by your invitation and glad that we attended. Enjoyed ourselves tremendously. You put on a great performance. Let us know when your next performance will be.

Andy Lim* said...

Thanks again Irene for the information and photographs you provided. I promise to be there the next time.

Andy Lim* said...

I must thank Freddie Siow for providing me the names of the band boys earlier.

IRENE YAP said...

Hi Andy,

Specially for your information on 'Locomotion'. Charlie, the bass guitarist is my brother.


BATURO45 said...

Hello Andy,

Thank you for the blogspot. I viewed the entire article and just wonder if the locomotion is a band from the 60s? And who is the lady guitar player? Sorry but I have not heard of Irene Yap and presume that she belongs to our era... judging by the songs she sings.

Anyway it is thoughtful of you to share with us a blast from the past talent which I miss so much.

Thanks again for sharing.
Kind regards.

Andy Lim* said...

Thank you for the feedback. 'Locomotion' consists of band members from the 60s and 70s but the name is unfamiliar to me too. They play 60s stuff professionally at numerous clubs and hotels all over Singapore today.

If you read the Comment page the lady guitar player Vivian is the actual singer for 'Locomotion' and doubles as rhythm.

Irene Yap used to play the nightclub circuits from the 60s onwards and had recorded on local Chinese Labels with bands like The Stylers.

She was unique since she was one of few singers who started singing at 14 years and needed a special licence to perform at nightspots. You can read about her if you click 'Irene Yap' under 'Labels' below the posting.

I miss those years too. That's why I started the blog so others like us can share our thoughts and memories. The information would help the younger generation to realise there was a golden age of music in Singapore before they were born. If I have achieved that goal I am grateful.

Thank you for an in-depth Comment which I appreciate so much. Please feel free to write anytime.


kozmicblues14 said...

When I was little. My Grandma would always tell me "Goodnight Irene". I never understood why because my first or middle name wasnt Irene. I figured it was in reference to a song or something. i just looked it up and found this song. she was born in 1935.

There are so many different versions of this song. I dont know which one she liked best. I like So saying Good night Irene to me was like an extra I love you. Im now 15. SHe died when i was 12. R.I.P Grandma. i Love you.

Keith McMahon said...

I think it was The Weavers who had a big folk "hit" on this in the late 50's ,we all loved the song and used to sing it all the time never knowing at the time that it was written by the legendary "Leadbelly" the great blues player. Every time I hear it,I am shattered by the powerful sadness contained in the lyrics.Eric Clapton's group do a great job on this old and beloved evergreen.

R3V3NGE said...

Man, it's amazing what a song can do. I grew up around my Grandpa and he would do the exact same. Born in 1934, every time one of the grandkids would go to bed, he would always sing the chorus "Goodnight Irene, I'll see you in my dreams." Brings back such good memories from a simpler time.