Monday, November 23, 2009

(1) "The Ultimate Cliff by" Lewry And Goodall

Cliff Richard and The Shadows:

If you still don't know about Cliff Richard after all these years then it's time to buy this book. I have a 1996 copy of The Ultimate Cliff.  Bought from a bookshop at a university I wondered why it was sold there? It must have been recommended by one of the professors but I wasn't too sure if NIE offers pop music culture as an elective.

Unknown facts about Richard that might interest you, the 400 page book is divided into 6 parts and they include his childhood, the people he works with, his music (very detailed) and his performances.

There is also a memorabilia section that includes prices of his singles, EPs and LPs. This book is interspersed with published and unpublished photographs that any fan of Sir Cliff might want to keep. Oh and the Shadows too!

According to the short blurb about writers Peter Lewry and Nigel Goodall, they have "probably listened to more of Cliff Richard's recorded music... than any other person." There's also a foreword by Bruch Welch. A good read on a rainy night. Very detailed.

Remark from a friend: "Eh! Why you waste time... reading this book? Better read Bertrand Russell."

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Original article: Andy Lim Collection.

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