Friday, September 25, 2009

(3) James Brown, Cold Sweat Sax And Watusi!

Part 3
In the latter half of the 1960's, the dance and music craze of a relatively 'new beat' stormed Singapore island and in the frenzy our local band boys and girls added the tenor saxaphone, keyboard and even the trombone to its stable of instruments. -Check Silver Strings postings for: March, 26th and April 23rd.
"Ow! Uh! Alright! Uh!/Got to know how to pony/Like Bony Maronie/Mash potato, do the alligator/Put your hand on your hips, yeah/Let your backbone slip/Do the Watusi/Like my little Lucy... Do that Jerk-uh/Watch me work y'all, Hey! Uh!" And Wilson Pickett's song reverberated throughout the nightspots in Singapore. And funky music with its soul sisters and brothers came to town. "Na, na, na, na, na... "
But if we push the minute hand slightly backwards, the Godfather Of Soul himself could be responsible for this phenomenon because James Brown (image) must be credited for funky music popularity with his hit, Cold Sweat (1967). It was recognized as a departure from pop music conventions when it was released and is sometimes cited as the first true funk song. Comment anyone?
Original article: Andy Lim Collection.

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