Monday, June 01, 2009

Checkmates, Trailers, Golden Venus, Palace

It was Saturday night on the 12th of December, 1964 and obviously about 2 weeks before Christmas. Nightclubs were full and so were the spirits of youths in Singapore. The above advertisement (image) from the Straits Times Press, Singapore, shows the Golden Venus at Orchard Road and the Grand Palace theatre at East Coast Road doing brisk business.

And on Sunday, bands were in full swing with Robert Song and the Checkmates and The Trailers fronted by Vernon having the rockingest time ever.

Although admission was free, patrons paid for their drinks. Usually they bought one drink for the whole afternoon, well sometimes two. But nobody bothered because each couple was trying to show the rest on the floor that the cha-cha-cha, twist, shake and rock would rule the T-Dances that day. After all it was the Dave Clark Five & The Animals Twist & Shake Special.

(Image from: Straits Times Press, Singapore/National Library Board, Singapore.)

The above idea was initiated by Dennis Tan.


Anonymous said...

Envy all these people who had a good time. Reading all this conveys a very powerful sense of how quick time has passed. Edmund Lum

Anonymous said...

Yes, 45 years ago. It's either history or balderdash!

Victor said...

Those were the times when cinema tickets were called "passes"; postal districts (if shown at all) consisted of only 1 or 2 digits, telephone numbers had only 5 digits, and the twist was not some kind of pastry.

Anonymous said...

Everything soon becomes history but it's good to keep memories alive for they are all we can hang on to the good times.

For instance, a cd of Singapore 60s music is now available at music stores. Nostalgia helps us to retain our sanity in this fast-changing world. DAVID ONG

Andy Young* said...

Nostalgia does keep our balance, especially for people past their prime. It would take a while for the younger generation to realise it.

And enjoying the lively crowd on the dance floor and watching them while singing before the microphone is an experience in itself.

Silver Strings were at the Celestial Room for some time, drawing the T-Dance crowd.

Andy Young* said...

Yes and Barcadi Coke was Barcadi Coke, for less than $10.00? Thank you Victor and David for the memories.