Saturday, June 06, 2009

Heather - The Diamond Four - The Thunderbirds

Besides the selection of Heather's two songs Love Is Blue and Green Tambourine in 100 Greatest Singapore 60s, she has also recorded some songs with the Diamond Four, a band of UK naval servicemen.
The image was from Philips in 1966 when Heather was only 14 years old. When the Diamond Four returned to Britain, Heather Batchen teamed up with Singapore's Thunderbirds.
As piracy was rampant in the 60s Heather's songs were included in an illegal EP with Kiss Me Goodbye and Me, The Peaceful Heart. Listening to Heather within the confines of a quiet and comfortable atmosphere brings back the nostalgia that only 60s Singapore music provides. She is the peaceful heart.
1. Joe Wu Seattle/WA/USA, has Heather on You Tube.
2. Image: Universal Music, Singapore.
3. Philips is under Universal Music, Singapore

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