Friday, May 08, 2009

Naomi & The Boys - 50 Songs For 60s Music

Henry, Robert and Naomi are part of the famed Suriya family that had engulfed Singapore 60s music. While Henry recorded his music solo, Robert and Naomi recorded as a group called, "Naomi and The Boys".
But they don't really need an introduction because the songs, "It's All Over" (image), and "I Know" both originals, were right at the top of the Singapore and Malaysian Hit Parade Charts then. Besides, Naomi's, "Happy Birthday Baby," was more popular than other cover versions.
Robert Suriya, singer, songwriter and lead guitar with The Boys had Peter Thomas on rhythm, Moses Tay on bass and Alphonso Soosay on percussion. This final re-grouping of passionate musicians went on to produce and record about 50 songs altogether.
While on the hunt for Singapore 60s vinyls, I managed to buy a few of their records, but all of them are bootleg copies. The copyright laws were not in place in Singapore during the 60s and had affected people in the music industry significantly.
More about Henry, Robert, Naomi and The Boys in future postings.

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