Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Antarctics Eunos Rahmat Talentime Winner

Eunos Rahmat, rhythm guitarist for The Antarctics (image: 2nd left) and his friend, won the 2nd prize for The Singapore Blue Diamonds Competition held in the 60s. The first prize went to the Gaylads (check out earlier post).
The singer and drummer for The Antarctics, S. A. Vinton, (image: 4th left) was another talented musician who composed numerous songs that were later recorded by The Quests, Sakura Teng and other top artistes in Singapore.
Singapore was an island of plenty in the 60s, where talents were raw but one which generated into a successful music industry that is now forgotten.
Eunos Rahmat is now a successful food entrepreneur dishing out delicious Malay/Padang cuisine at MacPherson Road. The restaurant is always crowded.
(Another successful Manhunt completed.)

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