Friday, April 03, 2009

The Cyclones Sizzling Hot Rockers James & Siva

******************************************************************************************************************************************************The Cyclones made a great impact on the 60s music scene when they were accompanied by The Checkmates and became public property after releasing two EPs from Philips Records, one in 1965 and the other in 1967.
James Choy and Siva Choy were brothers to behold and released four originals with the instrumental group that was noted for solid and tight accompaniment.
"Oh No, She Didn't Say" and **"The Dew" (biggest hit), were composed by the brothers while, "I'll" and "She's Mine All Mine", were penned by The Checkmates' bass guitarist lanky Laurence Lee.
According to the record sleeve write-up, "The wild and tempestuous character of their singing is quite typical of the Cyclone boys who have expressed satisfaction of at least having attempted to please those who love really solid, beat music." The 45EP (image) was recorded by Kinetex Studios and released in 1965.
Footnote: (1st April 2010)
It's not a 60s song but I thought this piece defines Siva Choy, the humorous, open hearted gentleman who has helped to put Singlish on the international map. A Singaporean classic comedy song back in 1991, it's called, *“Why You So Like Dat?” by Siva Choy and The Kopi Kat Klan.
Why you so like dat ah?
Why you so like dat?
Why you so like dat ah?
Why you so like dat?
I let you copy all my sum
Because you always blur
But when I try to copy back
You always call the Sir!
I always give you chocolate
I give you my Kit Kat
But now you got the Kit Kat
You never give me back!
You tell me that you don’t like girl
I also dunno why
But when you see a pretty girl
Your voice got damn high!
You always tok in dialect
And then I ask you why
You scold in Hokkien very loud!
(Drum sounds like KNNBCCB beat)
Image from Audie Ng Collection.
Original article: Andy Lim


Anonymous said...

I remember Siva Choy as we were in the same secondary school. Not only is he musically talented but he also has a funny bone when he used to write humorous stories in local papers. JAMES KWA

Andy Young* said...

He was a funny man and produced a song that became a hit with local Singaporeans. Called, "Why U So Like Dat?" it was released in a comedy album on CD in 1999.

Andy Young* said...

I have been told that Siva is based in Perth now but still does gigs in Singapore when he's here visiting family and friends.