Friday, April 03, 2009

Daisy Devan: Artiste Manager @ EMI Passed On

Mrs Daisy Devan, artiste and repertoire manager with EMI Music passed away at 81 years young. She was "instrumental in getting local English, Malay and Chinese music produced (1.04.2009, Straits Times Press, Singapore)".

Mrs Devan had encouraged many of Singapore's musicians and singers like The Quests, Sakura Teng, Rita Chao, Saloma and P. Ramlee and a host of other artistes to record at the studio in MacDonald House, Orchard Road (Singapore's first recording studio).

Also the first Asian to be in charge of a record label in Singapore, Mrs Devan was responsible for pressing more than 3,000 music recordings. She retired in the early 80s.

Forward from 2009 till today 2nd January, 2024:

Image from Documentary: Untold Legends - Daisy Devan [CNA2024]

This music blog helped with certain pieces of information regarding Ms Daisy Devan. The above acknowledgement at the end of the documentary shows it under: Andy 60s Music Blog. 

[1] from You Tube Uploaded by JoeWuSeattleWaUSA on Aug 11, 2006. The Quests Video Tribute. 

[2] from "Rollin' Good Times" television show, 26th September, 1994. Singapore Broadcasting Corp. 

[3] CNA documentary: Untold Legends - Daisy Devan, 2024.


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If you are familiar with Ms D. Devan, do write in to Raffaella at the above mail address.