Friday, February 06, 2009

60's Comedians Who Appeared With Our Bands

As artistes on the stages of many dance halls like the SJAB Building at Beach Road, the F & N Hall at River Valley Road, the Capitol Cinema at North Bridge Road or even the National Theatre at Tank Road we had the previlege of meeting some of the best comedians of the 60s.

Hamid Bond (image above) was one of them. Sometimes with his side-kick Ah Leng they had the patrons on the dance-floors laughing with their jokes and rib-tickling humour. A. Hamid used Malay, Chinese, Tamil and Singlish (Singapore English) to appear and relate anecdotes in between noisy, guitar group instrumentals.

Hamid was also an MC on stage, sometimes as compere to shows that needed a local dialect or language besides English. There was always hilarity when Hamid introduced the performers on stage.

There were other comedians then and just as popular. The names are familiar but where are they now? Wahid Satay, Abang Apek and Aziz Sattar are people I remember.

Hamid Bond Organisation had an office at Golden City Theatre in Margaret Drive, Singapore. Anyone?

(Image: From Andrew Lim Collection.)


Anonymous said...

yes, Hamid Bond has an office in Golden City and I remembered his flat was in the queens crescent area. His advertisment appears in many match boxes those days.

Andy Young* said...

Thank you for the reply. I have just read it today.

Sorry, as I did not have a system that could alert me to recent comments.

If you have further information about Hamid Bond please write again.

Anonymous said...

Hamid Bond died in a scooter accident in 17 april 1979 2.20 am

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thank you. I knew about it.