Saturday, January 31, 2009

John Martyn: Appropriate Symbol Of Goodbye

An appropriate cover 'Solid Air' (top image) for John Martyn's classic depicts the goodbye wave in black. Another great musician who has passed on and "been painting the blues... and seeing it through" the years (Solid Air lyrics, 1973) from the 60s.

Ian David McGeachy, a huge and soulful guitar man indeed, became John Martyn and was a fusion artiste combining blues, folk and jazz. His music will last many more years than the 50 years that he had contributed internationally to the pop music scene. He was recognised for his 'Solid Air' and 'One World' recordings and those who know will honour him as they would Eric Clapton (2nd image) but Clapton is still around.

Recently recognised by the British monarchy he received an OBE on New Year's Day. 'Solid Air' is the 67th best British album of all time.

He died on 29th January at 60 a youthful man indeed and will be missed by our musicians too.

Goodbye, you're now on solid air, truly.

Image/Information: Google, Wikipedia.

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