Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Where Guitar Groups Perform Before A Movie

Where else did the new and unknown bands play before they hit the big time in Singapore 60s?
There were two big names in movie houses then, Shaw Brothers and Cathay Organisation. To promote their movies these two groups had bands to perform before a show and it's usually at the Capitol & Cathay.
I sang in 'Amateur Night' at the Capitol Cinema (still a landmark today) with others like the Goh Brothers. It was a blast!
The exceptionally large posters that fronted the Capitol building were usually planned, drawn and painted by creative artist Robert Song, who was also a singer with 60s bands like The Flamingos, The Checkmates and The Stylers. Song had sinced passed away in 1990 in the Philippines.
Image: from ST Collection Ebay


Anonymous said...

Baby boomers will doubtless have fond memories of these two cinemas. I recall going to the movies week after week till we ran out of pictures to see!

I must have seen you perform surely, Andy.

Andy Young* said...

As we stood on stage before the hall the artistes and audience seemed so close, enveloped between walls. The acoustics was wonderful.

Many local singers and bands were on stages like the Capitol before they acquired recording contracts. Remember their names?