Friday, January 23, 2009

Silver Strings Chinese New Year Kowloon Room

During the Chinese New Year season Andy Young & The Silver Strings showered their music in many Chinese-styled environment before they acquired recording contracts from Philips. The Kowloon Room was one interesting restaurant where we performed.

Free, fun-loving and fresh our group looked resplendent in dark suits with clasp-ties and shoes to match. Our Fender guitars, except for Ah Chew's rhythm guit, were relatively brand new and the amplifiers on stools were Gibson. Danny Boy in the corner looked set to bang the skins and clash the cymbals.

Wished the image had been in colour. Then we would have been appropriately called, "The Kowloon Silver Strings Quintet".

The little banner on the left announced, "1964". Pictures tell true tales too (click image).


May said...

that's a lot of interesting content you've put in! :)

i recently read Brave New World (by Aldous Huxley), recommended and bought by my boss. i'm still reading Shirley by Charles Bronte but it's 2 pages at a time...

I'm missing home and CNY and pineapple tarts; i'm going to try making them tomorrow!

Andy Young* said...

Just finished re-reading '1984'. What a strange co-incidence. Perhaps you could read George Orwell too and tell me the difference between these two authors. Far-sighted writers with abilities to look into the future? Never knew I could get someone who'd discuss books with me on this blog.

'Shirley' by Bronte? Will try but I doubt I can manage.

Do you have ideas for my blog? What information would you like about 60's music? Could be too boring for you?

Let me know.

Andy Young* said...

Do write to my email address when you are free. Have you seen the bottom of this page where I name writers I read?

Anonymous said...

Nice picture. Captures the mood of CNY at the time. Did your band play any Chinese songs? Reminds me of the band performances at Genting. All the song requests were for Chinese songs from the 50s and 60s.

Andy Young* said...

From the 50s and 60s? And here we are discussing CNY music. I wish I could read and write Chinese because I miss the big picture on Chinese pop music.

The Silver Strings did play some CNY songs as David (original lead guitarist) was versatile enough to do the solo.

peter said...

Kowloon Room sounds familiar to me but I can't place it where in Singapore - can u help Andy?