Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pop Yeh Yeh Melayu 60an - Anita Sarawak

Anita, the girl who'd ruffle your hair and put you in the limelight during her cabaret shows. With her glittering costumes and sensual dances accompanied by a full orchestra Anita wins them all as an entertainer.
Born of a famous Malay film director (Romai Noor) and actress mother (Siput Sarawak) she is still making it big now.
Although she was in Las Vegas for many years she is back on stage and TV in Singapore and Malaysia. Anita Sarawak sings in Asian languages too.
Have you seen her singing with SM Goh Chok Tong?
YouTube: Key in: Anita Sarawak


Anonymous said...

One of the most successful local singers to hit the international and Vegas trail, Anita is so versatile she sings in many languages and has gone through the genre of music from the 60s till today. Rock, blues, country, motown, ballads and so on. It is true that she is a versatile entertainer.

I understand she does cooking classes on TV now? What a waste.

Anonymous said...

She has appeared with the Silver Strings.