Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ismail Haron: Pop Yeah Yeah 60s Music Icon

According to two emails from friends and a Berita Harian on-line newspiece, Malay singer Ismail Haron (66), has passed on in his sleep at his sister's home in Jurong West yesterday.
He was one of Singapore's top pop artistes from the mid-60s to the 70s and together with diva Anita Sarawak recorded vinyls that were popular amongst the pop yeah-yeah music followers in the region.
The late Mr Ismail had also produced records with The Vigilantes and The Guys, two guitar groups that were well received in the same period.
You can read about him by clicking Ismail Haron under Labels below.
Image: Andy Lim Collection.


Rudy said...

Dear Andy,

Ismail Haron passed away today. I'm sure you have heard in the news. Sad and sudden.

M. Erwin said...

Ismail Haron died in his sleep today. April 9th 2012 circa 2 a.m. Jurong West, Singapore.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

It is very sad indeed to hear of his loss. Ismail Haron was a very talented singer with a powerful voice that drew many Malaysian and Singapore fans to his pop concerts. May he rest in peace.

Thank you both for the information.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much. Appreciate the message.

miocanzoni said...

Uploaded by miocanzoni on Dec 31, 2008

GETARAN JIWA is probably P.Ramlee's greatest/most popular song, performed here by Ismail Haron, a 1974 recording from the album 'Hulurkan Tangan' .

For me personally this is one of the best interpretations of this beautiful song from the film 'Antara Dua Darjat'.

All photos taken from the encyclopedic book of Malay films KACA PERMATA - Memoir Saorang Pengarah by JAMIL SULONG, also a maestro of Malay films.

Video by Roem Ahmad, Switzerland, January 2009, copyright 'miocanzoni'

Jerry Fernandez said...

A tribute to Ismail Haron from Jerry Fernandez.

Jerry Fernandez used to watch Ismail Haron as a young man singing at West Point Garden accompanied by the Vigilantes and later with The Guys. Ismail also performed at the Sea Dragon with Freddie Lim as the band leader.

Ismail went to Hong Kong with the group Establishment but Jerry met him again in 2004.

Ismail was supposed to appear for the Jamiyah and Banquet shows with Silver Strings in 2010 but could not do so as he was slated for another show.

Jerry found out at 5.25pm yesterday (Monday) from a keyboardist Amir that Ismail had passed on.

"He was a very nice man."

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Ismail Haron, Halil Chik and Jerry Fernandez sing Tom Jones during their stage performances.

IrememberSG said...


Ismail Haron, well known in the 70s for his stint with the Vigilantes and duets with diva Anita Sarawak, passed away yesterday.

Unknown said...

nice written