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Humans Of Singapore: #Time Out For Pioneers

Connecting Seniors To Youths:

I was recently approached by Malvin Chua to participate in a movement called #Timeout4Pioneers. He told me that it started because there is a belief that young people aren't spending enough time with their elders as they would rather spend it on technology and social media. I agreed with his suggestion and met him and Paddy Ong, who is from a popular band called, *Take Two. We chatted over evening tea. 

Below is Mr Chua's letter to Humans of Singapore which was published on its Facebook page: 

"Dear HoS,

I've always believed that in order to pursue music, you need to go overseas, because Singapore can never truly offer you the opportunity to do so. However, I recently met Andy, a #musician from the 60s - alongside Paddy Ong from Take Two - who successfully changed my mind on this.

Andy, who is 74 now, was one of the lead singers in the band The Silver Strings back in the 60s - they even did the opening performance for The Rolling Stones back in 1965.

However, his dreams took a turn for the worse when Andy's principal found out that he was in a band. Music was frowned upon back in the day, and it was better to be an engineer or a civil servant instead.

But in 2008, Andy still maintained his passion for the 60s, and so he decided to start a blog called Singapore 60s Music, in order to relive his memories and pass on his learnings to the next generation.
With Paddy Ong of Band Take Two.
I asked Andy what kept him going all this time, and he told me that it was simply one quote - 'Dreams never die, they're only put on hold.'  It didn't matter to him that he couldn't pursue his dreams. He'd realized that after all this time, it was his sacrifice - and the sacrifice of many others of his generation - that would allow his grandson and many others to pursue arts if they wanted to.

His only hope was that people would recognize that there IS talent and opportunity in Singapore, and that you only need to have an open mind in order to be able to see it - which is what I want to achieve from this post as well.

Apologies for the long write-up, and Gong Xi Fa Cai!


Humans of Singapore ‪#‎Timeout4Pioneers‬."

TAKE TWO: L-R are Jeryl, Paddy, Johnathan, David and Peng Sing
"Contributing members of society by day, indie pop-rock outfit by night - leading a dual life is the name of the game for Take Two. Formed in late 2012, the quintet have since performed at Chiang Mai Music Festival 2014, NOISE Singapore's 2013 showcase, the FEYST 2013 Indie Youth Festival in Kuala Lumpur, and have been featured twice at the Esplanade's "Esplanade Presents" series. They were also part of the roster for SGMUSO's first ever House Party, sharing the stage with notable contemporaries Charlie Lim, The Sam Willows, and Kevin Lester.

Influenced by Brit Rock, Jazz, and Indie Pop (among others), Take Two brings their own blend of guitar-driven musical incarnations, full of crafty chord work and foot-stomping grooves.

Currently working on their debut EP, the band are also participants with this year's Noise Music Mentorship program, with Saiful Idris (The Great Spy Experiment) as their mentor. They will be performing at Music Matters Live 2014 and the EcoPop 2014 in Spain later this year.

Most of their songs are self composed, and I'd like to invite you to listen to their work at the following links:

Take Two (copy/paste):

#Explained in a note to HoSFB that I am no musician but an educator.

Letter and Take Two article by Malvin Chua.
Images by: Malvin Chua, Humans of Singapore, Take Two.


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1) The band did.

2) *Being a band-boy was frowned upon by some parents. A career in the civil service was encouraged.

*We were looking at a different generation of people.