Thursday, January 02, 2014

Changing Recreational Landscrape: A Nation At Play


PlayNation is a 1-hour info-ed. about the changing recreational landscape in Singapore, focusing on national nostalgia, hence heritage and culture.  The show was screened on nationwide television in August 2013 on the Octo Channel.
Screen Shot from Oak3Films Facebook.
Part of the documentary covered a segment on the nightlife scene in Singapore, i.e. nightclubs, music, tea dances, etc. in the 60s up to the present.

Researcher and production co-ordinator Marissa came across this blog and read write-ups on Singapore's 60s nightlife.  She got in touch and I shared my experience for the documentary. After the official screening on TV, she provided me some  location-shot photographs for this blog.

I thank her, producer Jonathan and the film crew.

Location Shots:

Dear Andy,

Play Nation is a nostalgic 46-minute Info-Ed programme that looks at Singapore’s history through the way we played and continue to play. It is produced by Oak3 Films Pte Ltd.

Thank you again for contributing to our show and making it possible.  We would also like to inform you that you have been credited for your contribution to the show.

*Warm Regards.
Gadis, right, with kite and film crew. From Oak3Films.
Crew filming young lady Gadis (above right) from Singapore Kites Association preparing to fly her kite at Layang Layang Fun @ Marina Barrage organised by PUB Marina Barrage with Singapore Kites Association. Gadis is also our profile for the 1st segment which is all about simple play - kite flying aka layang layang, playgrounds, zero point, etc.

Liew Kai Khiun @ Dragon Children's Playground. From Oak3Films.
Filming Liew Kai Khiun (above sitting) about his memories of playing at the now famous Dragon Playground at Toa Payoh for the 1st segment of the documentary.
Universal Studios, Singapore. From Oak3Films.
Crew filming some shots of Universal Studios for part of the montage sequence in the last and 4th segment of Play Nation which covers the new ways of play in Singapore at Universal Studios, Waveboarding, FlugTag, etc.
Mixologist From Oak3Films.
Crew filming Ethan Leslie Leong, a mixologist (above far right) who makes cocktails as a profession and was the one who made the $32,000 cocktail, Jewel of Pangaea, the most expensive one in Asia. He is also our profile for the 3rd segment which is all about nightlife as a form of play in Singapore.
Screen Shot from DVD by Oak3Films.
Within the confines of a retro furniture shop as background we discussed the night-club scene in Singapore 60s like the ones at Paya Lebar Airport, Hotel Ambassador near Katong Park and the Adelphi Hotel at North Bridge Road.
Location shots taken @ Lorgan Furniture Pasir Panjang.
*Article and images from: Marissa Lim's notes personal collection and screen shots from Oak3Films.  Parts of the letters have been edited. Copyrights Reserved.


Anonymous said...

I have some photos of my parents at the Adelphi (celebration their wedding anniversary) in the early 60's (if you would like them please let me know)

Andy Lim* said...

Hi Ingrid, I am so glad you got in touch. Please write to me again leaving me your email address and I shall write to you immediately. I shall not publish your email address.
Thanks so much for writing twice and the offer of photographs.