Monday, November 04, 2013

Silver Strings Play Songs By Local n Foreign Artistes

Group will play songs by local and foreign artistes.

This Silver Strings line-up below will perform *a Charity Concert in Bukit Timah on 9th November and @ Orchard Road on 15th November 2013, where they will play 60s music by both local and foreign artistes. 

Rickie Chng plays lead guitar and has been with Shadows' styled groups since the 1960s. During practices with him and the rest of the Silver Strings for the upcoming gigs, Rickie has provided strong and confident backing for the singers. His prowess as a guitarist shows when he tackles with ease the opening bars to each number rehearsed.

Rickie played for a while with The Trailers during Singapore's golden music years and has been within the guitar circuit since. A regular at the Tanglin Community Club he is currently playing with another band, The Esquires.  He believes in Fender and owns a Stratocaster 40th re-issue.

Patrick Chan, who plays rhythm used to perform with D Peddlers.  According to him, his group was, "playing for kicks in a bungalow at the Norfolk area."  It was great fun during his short bachelorhood days before pursuing a career in the Civil Service and business world afterwards.

A dedicated guitarist, he currently plays lead and sings with his own group called, Pat n Patricians and shares musical fellowship with friends who likes to sing 'live' and social dance at Whampoa CC . Their repertoire includes pop rock, country and evergreens.  Pat also plays for charity, grass-root activities, social functions and at their weekly Sunday T- Dances.  He owns a Fender Stratocaster, the model used by Stevie Ray Vaughan. He rocks with Chuck Berry's JBG.

Oliver Bala's fascination with drums started when he "was captivated by the radio sounds  of the Beatles Rubber Soul album in 1965." His mother's present of a Lucky Star drum-set during his school years led him to take up the skill with heart n soul.  He played with various bands up to 1971 when he started his professional career in the education service.

He only played seriously again in 2005 jamming with friends but intensified when he retired from 2009 and bought a new Tama Superstar set.  Oliver admits that he is a fanatical Beatles fan and his drum influences as a child were Ringo Starr, Tony Meeham and Bobby Elliot. He also does some lead, backing vocals and, "plays the guitar, piano and various percussion instruments."  His rendition of  Orbison's Pretty Woman is hot!

Nicholas Emile Stravens (Nick) played keyboard since 1970.  His first club scene was at Toby's Paradise with a band known as the New Generation which became The Change. The group performed at 3 venues each night, The London Scene, The G-Room  and the Oberoi Imperial Hotel.  They later did stints at  West Point, Golden Million, Golden Mikado, Barbarella and the El Amigo.

While in the SAF's first ever talentime, Nick walked away with the 1st prize and won the title of Singapore's Lobo. After ROD he got together with the band Shang, performed at the Ion Bar at Apollo Hotel, took over from Sonny Bala and transformed the music scene there. They did stints in Indonesia, Malaysia ,Taiwan, Brunei and Philippines.  Then came a Malay album they recorded, road shows for SBC and performed at National Theatre gigs.

Audie Ng, bassist and band leader needs no introduction. Since 1963 this music-maker has been in the business both as boss man and bass man.  

Veronica Young, known as Singapore's Millie Small and who sings like Connie Francis, will take the Silver Strings to new heights when she sings with them this November.

Andy Young, first 1960s front man for Silver Strings and Music Blogger today, appears with the gang.


Marexclint said...

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Andy Lim* said...

Thanks for visit Marexclint

Yifei Ho said...

Hi Andy, this is indeed a very informative blog! Thank you for sharing and penning these beautiful memories on how Singapore's Music Industry has evolved through the years.

Just wondering, how can I contact you regarding opportunities to be a guest writer and is it ok for us to share your articles? Please kindly advise.

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Andy Lim* said...

Hi Yifei,

Thank you for the visit and interest in writing for the blog and sharing my articles. I shall write to to you soon.

Old man said...

Thank you Andy for all the things u have done to make our remaining days full of lovely memories with your features on the 60's n 70's music... As Paul Anka had sung.. The Times of your Life... n The Wonderful World we live in thru your energy in making all of us The Young Ones... Thank u once again.

Andy Lim* said...

Again thanks for taking time to write and provide feedback. If it's one thing I'd like to do before end days it's to write a little about our past.

Please feel free to write any time about the songs you listen to, or with this particular Chinese singer or other singers. I shall certainly post them on this blog. You are always welcome.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,

Here's the best to you and the Strings on the 9th and the 15th. I am sure they will both be great nights.

Best wishes

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I have replied to YF H. If anyone else is interested in writing for Kopikaki do let me know I shall ask the contact person to get in touch.

Andy Lim* said...

Thanks also to Dr Steven Farram and Mrs Farram, good friends who have been supporting the group. They attended the last concert in 2008 at Vivo City by flying in all the way from Australia to watch Mike and Herb and Company.

Steve is an authority on Asian 60s music. You can check him out on this blog by referring to the Content page under STEVEN FARRAM