Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mid Autumn Festival: In The Mood For Moon Songs

Teresa Teng The Moon Represents My Heart.  

"You ask me how deeply I love you, how much I love you. My feelings are real, my love is also real the moon represents my heart. You ask me how deeply I love you, how much I love you. My feelings will never move, my love will never change, the moon represents my heart. The gentlest of kisses has opened my heart. The deepest of love affairs, I think about it till today. You ask me how deeply I love you, how much I love you. Just think about it, just take a look, the moon represents my heart."

(Translated by George Murphy).

                                               Frank Sinatra Fly Me To The Moon.  Video.

I call them moon songs. Personally, the two best moon songs ever. If you have some in mind, and there are hundreds or thousands of them, whether in English, Chinese, Malay, Tamil or other languages please contribute. My best wishes to all. Watch that moon tonight!

With English Lyrics:

Bad Moon Rising
Bad Side of The Moon Blue Moon
Blue Moon of Kentucky
By The Light of The Silvery Moon
Carolina Moon 

Dark Side of The Moon
Everyone's Gone To The Moon
Heading for the Moon
It's Only a  Paper Moon

Moon at the Window
Moonlight Bay
Moonlight and Roses
Magic Is The Moonlight

Moon River
Moon Above Malaya                                            
Mr Moonlight
Song About The Moon

Yellow Moon
Brain Damage
Dancing In The Moon
Moon Child
Moon Shadow

Moon Daydream
Moonlight Drive
Maiden of the Cancer Moon
Moon Dance
Dancing In The Moonlight

Pink Moon
Sisters of the Moon
Havana Moon
Dark Moon
Blue Moon Of Kentucky

And of course, Moonlight Sonata!
Nothing specific here about traditions or beliefs but more about songs with that lunar word.


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Dear Andy, I love the interesting and often unusual themes you come up with. I can think of two more moon tunes: "Moon Dawg!" by The Gamblers, and "I See The Moon (The Moon Sees Me)" by a female singer. Keep on blogging!

Best wishes, Allan.

Andy Lim* said...

Thanks my friend for your constant support and visits. It's friends like you that keep me blogging!

Regards, Andy.


Teresa Teng (January 29, 1953 – May 8, 1995 was a Taiwanese SINGER.
Read a short article about her.


The Gamblers version of "Moon Dawg!" is on YouTube and is really quite funny. I first came across this number on an American compilation album which I bought at Uttams' record shop in Changi village in 1965. The first few bars remind me of "I'm Cryin'" by The Animals. What do you think? I parted with most of the albums which I bought at that time and have spent the last few years trying to replace many of them on CD or vinyl.

Best wishes, Allan.

Andy Lim* said...

Again thank you Allan for the feedback and the nostalgia behind the song you selected. I have put up on the Right Bar of the blog THE GAMBLERS version of MOON DAWG.

I am not familiar with both songs and shows just how much I know about pop 60s music.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

This posting has been updated these two days, 15th, 16th September 2016. It has been three years hence since this article was written.

An English translation has been included for Teresa Teng's song THE MOON REPRESENTS MY HEART, an all time favourite for many people internationally.