Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri To Muslim Surfers

The Kampongs:

As I lived in the Geylang neighbourhood in the 50's, I first learnt this song from my many Malay friends who were in the area. I used to frequent Kampong Wak Tanjong at the vicinity of the Paya Lebar Fire Station and walk across the road from my home to Kampong Melaka where the Lion City Hotel and Shopping Mall now stand at Tanjong Katong Road.

The Wak Tanjong mosque is still there but the kampong has vanished. Some of the residents who lived along Sims Avenue and Lorong 39 near the kampong were Lim Yew Hock and his family. He was once the Chief Minister of Singapore. These residences were huge bungalows. Abdul Wahab, a merchant, lived across Lorong 39 from him and financed the band I used to sing with, The Velvetones
Saloma with Selamat Hari Raya. Video from: kcselambe.

Kampong Melaka was across the road where City Plaza stands today. The roads nearby are Guillemard Road, Sandy Lane, Lim Ah Woo Road with a Catholic Church nearby. And Kampong Melaka was situated right in the middle, surrounded by these roads.

The Song:

The Hari Raya song above was sung by Saloma and composed by Ahmad Ja'afar with its original lyrics by Shariff  Rachman.  This song was featured in a 1955 Malay movie by Cathay Kris Film Production with the same theme,  Selamat Hari Raya.
The words, Dam, dam, dum, Bunyi mercun (Dam, dam, dum, sounds of fire-crackers) have not been left out in the above version.  Since fire-crackers had been banned because of fire hazards in tiny Singapore these words had been replaced after newer versions of the song had been recorded.

Enjoy a cool and peaceful Aidil Fitri to one and all. Andy.

Video from You Tube:


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This one original best lah...

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wow...original!!! thanks! best part 'dam dam dum'!

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Lagu ni... kalau joget Cha Cha... gelek!

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Comments have been taken from You Tube: 'Saloma, Selamat Hari Raya' web page.

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Composed by the late Ahmad Jaafar. Other compositions include "Ibu", "Bunga Tanjung" and many others.


This is the best raya song ever.

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Best Kampong taste Hari Raya Song sung by Saloma ..macam makan ketupat dan rendang ...yammmmmmy goood

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Cheers from me too .tompang Andy Young ...Smile


Hi Andy thanks for refreshing my memory with this beautiful song. 1955 the year I began my musical journey with the introduction into the finer points of the double bass by a luthier. Cheerio Selamat Hari Raya to all muslims.

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Baba, ketupat and rendang. Best... must top up with soroendeng, ayam masak merah, lodeh, sambal goreng.

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