Monday, November 23, 2009

(2) Hank Marvin - Undisputed Guitar Guru 60s+

(2)MORE CLIFF & SHADOWS: There are many websites about Hank Marvin and information available is incredible and Blogger thinks it's the best time to write about Hank Marvin because he remembers he has an instrumental version of Georgia On My Mind when he posted Ray Charles earlier. A quick search reveals the record on the right.
The image shows the cover of Hank Marvin's 1969 LP, the year after he left the Shadows and went solo. They had reined unchallenged as Britain's top guitar group.
So with a view to future security, positive or otherwise, they began to pursue their own activities best suited to their individual talents. "And if there is one consolation to be found in the break-up of this polished group, it is the emergence of Hank Marvin as an accomplished solo performer (Derek Johnson - sleeve back cover)."
According to Johnson, the Shadows sound is the Marvin sound and together with Brian Bennett as drummer and musical director, their dexterity, creativity and sensitivity show in this album.
Blogger bought it for S$10.00 ten years ago. From the Internet shops he finds that it costs just about double today. The reason for buying? Although some of the songs are familiar, blogger finds the compositions different and perhaps intriguing?
Side One: 1. Aquarius 2. Born Free 3. This Guy's In Love With You 4. Tokyo Guitar (Marvin) 5. Chameleon (Bennett) and 6. Lara's Theme.
Side Two has: 7. The Big Country 8. Love And Occasional Rain (Bennett) 9. Georgia On My Mind 10. The Windmills Of Your Mind 11. *Sacha (Lordan/Greenaway/Cook) and 12. High Sierra (Marvin/Lordan).
The record is produced by Norrie Paramor, the man who featured in many of Cliff & Shadows pressings. Hank MARVIN has an instrumental piece in his own name entitled, NIVRAM. Got it? Is he still living in Perth, Australia?
Reference: Derek Johnson - sleeve cover. (EMI/Columbia/SCX 6352 HANK MARVIN)
Original article: Andy Lim Collection.

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