Tuesday, November 24, 2009

(3) Accolades To Hank Marvin UTube Viewers

(3) MORE CLIFF & SHADOWS: August 30th, 2006: YouTube Video: ZeKRuLe. Comments:
1. Maxld: Solo is always the best part of The Shadows performances. That's when the real Marvin magic starts to kick in, and the song just gets from "great" to "freaking awesome" towards the end.
2. Revelonray: there's only one Hank Marvin. He's just great! Best sounding by a mile.
3. Talldark77: Many people mock Hank as the oldies, but the fact remains he's an awesome guitarist who inspired most of the greats. He's one of the originals and one of the best.

4. MusicBravo: Mark Knopfler, Mike Oldfield and many more subjects copied The Shadows, undoubtedly. Already wrote this page in history - congratulations Shadows.

5. Hittheskins: To be fair to The Ventures, The Shadows deserve to be in the Hall of Fame. I think the difference was always the Hank Marvin Factor. He's simply one of the greatest guitarists ever and backed up by one of the greatest drummers and rhythm guitarists of all time. Special mention to Jet Harris and Tony Meehan - two more greats. Best instrumental band ever!

6. Gorgeous stuff. Hank Marvin has always had such a rich, melodic style. He's picking single notes but they always sounds grand in size. And that grand sound is the one thing all great British guitarists have in common - from Townshend to Marr, Jimmy Scott to Jeff Beck. Now you know where it all started. With this guy. Hank Marvin...

7. Hittheskins: The highest accolade I can say about this fantastic group is that within the first note plucked you just know its HANK MARVIN; 50 years of the greatest instrumental group ever. I just love that sound. It's sublime.
Reference: Quotes from You Tube for Moonlight Shadows.
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Nan said...

hank marvin + the shadows rules!!!

Andy Young* said...

Thanks Nan. They do. The best.

dino martin peters said...

Droppin' by to say hello to my pallie Andy...all my best to you man....

Andy Young* said...

Gee, Thanks friend. Didnt know yu wrote to me so long ago.

It's my birthday you know, 25th November.