Saturday, October 31, 2009

Reunion StrayDogs, Pest Infested: Esplanade

HEADLINES TODAY: October 31st, 2009.

They will recreate the Singapore weekends with their R&B and blues numbers, some of which were very much in demand with tea dance enthusiasts back in the late 60s and early 70s.

The original hits in this concert will include songs like Born in Chicago, All Along The Watch Tower, Walking the Dog, It’s All Over Now, Cold Morning, NSU and Freedom among other tea-dance session favourites.

Straydogs Present Line-up:
Kiang: Bassist, Terry Tan: Vocals/keyboard/harmonica, Anthony Toh: guitarist, Lim Thian Soon: Guitarist, Hensen Beng: Drums

Pest Infested Present Line-up
Ernie Koh: vocals/guitar/ harmonica, Loo Zhen Hoong: drums, Chris Ong: lead guitars,Tony Cheong: guitarist, David Ng: bassist.

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Delvy said...

I was in singapore when this show was playing but couldn't get a ticket.. got a chance to meet my dad's(Amir samsudin fr the checkmates) band mates though..

Andy Young* said...

Hi Delvy,
Thanks for visiting the blog and writing. Glad to know you are Amir Samsudin's child.

I could have met him a long time ago.




I am trying to contact members of Pest Infested. We were good friends in 1970 when I was in Singapore.

If you can get this message to any of them please ask them to E-mail _____. This message is from Martin Mitchell.

I lost contact when Singapore telephone numbers were changed.

I have something they might be interested in.

Andy Young* said...

If you know Martin Mitchell and wish to get in touch with him please write to me on this page and I shall forward the email address to you without publishing your name or email address.

Ged Mead said...

I still remember the Pests Infested from our time with the British Army. We used to go to gigs with them . Still remember Johnnie Ali and the boys with great affection

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thank you Ged Mead. Please write in again or if you wish contribute an article or two for this blog. I have a regular Allan Thompson from UK who's been writing for a while sending in articles these past years.

Looking forward to hear from you.