Wednesday, September 30, 2009

(B) Silly Love Songs, Never My Love, Wynners

They were The Losers before becoming The Wynners. Perhaps they wanted to be 'foot-loose'. It could also have been a mis-spelling but they are definitely not 'losers' now, having won the coverted Golden Needle Award from RTHK for its Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs prize in 88. Took a while but they made it.

As Philips recording artistes, they cut a special Thanks A Million album for their fans with songs from their TV hits in 1975 and 1976.

Image shows the back cover and in celebration, a toast to their followers and prize-winning songs that include, Wynners Theme Song 1977, If, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Una Paloma Blanca, Silly Love Songs and Never My Love.

They have made appearances both in Singapore and Malaysia. Their recent performance was at the Hong Kong Coliseum for 13 nights from February 18 to March 2, 2007 for their 33rd anniversary concert. Evergreen.

(LP Philips: 6380 008. Marketed by Phonogram).
Image/original article: Andy Lim Collection.


Roger said...

It could have been worse had it been The Whiners.In the end they had the last laugh.

Andy Young* said...

Yes, and better than most bands in SEAsia in the 70s, both vocally and as an instrumental group.

BC Teoh said...

With the wizardry of James Wong in song writing, Wynners sang many great Cantonese songs such as Hou Hok Wei Fok(好學為福), Chi Zhong Dou Hai Pang Yau Hou(始終都係朋友好), Yan Kao Yi Zhong(人靠衣裝). I loved these Cantonese songs so much even as a teenager who understood very little Cantonese during the 70s.

Thanks for this post.

Andy Young* said...

Wow BC. Thanks for the information on Cantonese songs. Besides being a country/western music fan, you are also well-versed with songs in dialect.

To help readers overseas and for those unfamiliar, I'd be grateful if you could you translate the song titles into English please?

BC Teoh said...

These are the song titles as translated into English by me. I also searched the You Tube and found their video clips. Enjoy!

始終都係朋友好 (Good Friends After All)

好學為福 (Be Hardworking)

人靠衣裝 (You are Judged by Your Dressing)

Andy Young* said...

Thank you BC. Really appreciate the time and trouble you took to document the 3 songs. I hope Wynners fans will listen and watch these videos.

Apparently the song titles reflect the attitude and culture of the Cantonese in HK. Positive indeed. I learnt something from your translation. Cheers.

FrameTurnerWins Pictures said...

Hey Andy ... DId you know that I'm a VERY big fan of Alan Tam in the 80's? I bought almost all his (Canto/Mandarin) albums and that can be considered as an insanity for a Baweanese 15 years old kid who didn't take Mandarin as a Second language! I still prefer his Cantonese numbers than his Mandarin though ... e.g this song called Ban Meng, Ban Xing ... Zhi Jian (Between Dream And Reality or half awake half dreaming) I preferred his Cantonese numbers during Karaoke Sessions ... it feels different in cantonese.

Andy Young* said...

Thanks my friend for comment. Not much of a Cantonese pop song fan myself though I do listen to them sometimes.

I am surprised you know so much about the genre. Goes to show your love for music and the Arts.