Thursday, September 03, 2009

(3) Beautiful Sunday, Blue Monday, Ruby Tuesday, Wednesday Evening Blues, Thursday, Black Friday, Another Saturday Night.

The days of the weeks feature in many song titles too. Limiting them from the 50s to 70s compositions, there are already a few hundred songs.

Beginning from *The World Hits 'Beautiful Sunday' Album (1972 - image) by the October Cherries, a Singapore group, there are titles like, Blue Monday by Bob Seger, Sunday, Monday Or Always by Frank Sinatra.

Ruby Tuesday is by The Rolling Stones, Melanie, Twiggy, Bobby Goldsboro. Wednesday Evening Blues by John Lee Hooker, Thursday by Jim Croce, Black Friday by Steely Dan, Another Saturday Night by Cat Stevens, Sam Cooke, The Bay City Rollers, The Eagles and Earth Wind  and Fire.

Sunday Best is by Bobbie Gentry, Sunday Morning Coming Down by Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash, That Sunday, That Summer by Nat King Cole, A Monday Date by Louis Armstrong, Rainy Days and Mondays by The Carpenters. The list goes on...

*Beautiful Sunday, available by October Cherries on World Hits 1973 Single ES6-A, A Baal Production on Elastic Record. Composer/original recording is by Daniel Boone.


nomore said...

Very fun posts...But I have an ask, Why should the Monday's be so Blue Monday ? If you know ?
Another Question that I wonder about the "Love is Blue" or a sort of Pleasure? Once according to the Greeks the famous Female singer Na Na Mousucuri ( is this spell?? ) answered it like as " pleasure " ....LOL....PS. I love the Beautiful Sunday....

Andy Young* said...

Yes, also listen to Another Saturday Night by Cat Stevens. Very popular in the 60s in Singapore.

BC Teoh said...

"Hi hi hi, beautiful Sunday
This is my my my beautiful day
When you said said said said that you loved me
oh my my my its a beautiful day"

Suddenly, my childhood days relive in my memory again. Hey, I could even hear my childhood friends humming this songs so clearly.

What a perfect way to start my Saturday. Thanks you so much for the memory, Andy.

Andy Young* said...

Thanks BC. You are an enthusiastic collector of cowboy tunes. Just read your recent blog.