Thursday, August 20, 2009

(8) Canadian Pop Music Influence: Paul Anka Child Prodigy Diana, Crazy Love, My Hometown, Lonely Boy, My Heart Sings. Eso Beso, My Way

Paul Anka, of Lebanese descent, was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in 1941. Known for his song, Diana, many pop enthusiasts are not aware that it is not his first recording. Another song, I Confess, was written when this child prodigy was only 14.

When ABC record producer, Don Costa signed him on with his second composition, it sold 10 million copies worldwide. Dedicated to his baby-sitter, (I'm so young and you're so old...), Diana became synonymous with Anka.

By 1961, when Singapore pop was in its infancy, Paul Anka had already composed and recorded 125 songs with many of them in the top pop charts. He moved into movies with Let's Rock and Girls Town. The latter film spawned his biggest American hit, Lonely Boy.

He wrote for movie/TV themes and for many famous artistes in his time. My Way, one of his greatest hits, has been covered by Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Babra Striesand, Julio Iglesias, Gypsy Kings, Bon Jovi and Robbie Williams. Below is a list of some of the songs he wrote:

(1) Buddy Holly: It Doesn't Matter Anymore,
(2) Donny Osmond: Puppy Love (girlfriend Annette Funicello),
(3) Connie Francis: Teddy,

(4) Frank Sinatra: My Way (Comme d'Habitude/french song),
(5) Tom Jones: She's A Lady,
(6) Johnny Carson's: The Tonight Show Theme Song,

(7) Movie: *Girls' Town with, Lonely Boy,
(8) Movie: The Longest Day Theme Song.

The songs he wrote is endless. Check it here:

Paul Anka is still singing today and his favourite haunt is Las Vegas. He performed at the Kallang Indoor Stadium on September, 22nd, 2008 in Singapore.

*This movie was promoted with a Singapore's Paul Anka Competition at the Rex Cinema in 1959. Check the third posting on December 6th, 2008, on this blog.
Original article: Andy Lim


Roger said...

I still remember fondly he was one of my favourite singers.

Anonymous said...

He's loved by almost everyone. Like Elvis, he is a 60s music icon.

Andy Young* said...

Paul Anka shares the limelight with songwriters like Elton John, Neil Sedaka and Neil Diamond because their records sell in millions.