Sunday, August 23, 2009


It's a Decca worth keeping, Jet Harris' Besame Mucho! There are not many of these singles lying around. The flip side is Chills And Fever (Thompson/Gray). Wow! And on Fender Bass too!

On April 29th 1962 with Charles Blackwell directing and Jack Good producing, his debut 45 vinyl Besame Mucho (45F 11466) was taped at Decca studios. It was a radically different sound experience to his earlier work with The Shadows.

Jet Harris was using a Fender VI Bass, tuned down an octave from the norm and gave the vinyl a deep and distinctive sound. Tony Meehan was on drums with his ex-colleague coupled with its female chorus backing and unique sound. Really special, heavy and hot!

The song written by Consuelo Velásquez from Mexico and based on, Quejas O La Maja Y El Ruisenor (The Girl And The Nightingale, 1941), a piano piece from 1911 by the Spanish composer Enrique Granados.

Harris and Meehan topped the UK Singles Chart in 1963 with Diamonds. Harris used the 6 string bass.

Reference/Article: You Tube by Pomesu/June, 10th, 2008.

Image: Andy Lim Collection.

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