Wednesday, August 12, 2009

James Brown, Bob Dylan, Cher, Peggy Sue, American Pie, Purple Rain, Stand By Me?

It's interesting to read snippets of "over a century of the greatest artists, albums, songs, performances and events that rocked the music world."
James Brown (image) playing at The Apollo is under 'Key Performance' in the book, "Working up his soulful screams before opting for a velvety growl, he continually took his audience to the edge and back again, women exploding with screams and hollered responses... (Page: 286)"
The Little Black Book Of MUSIC (General Editor: Sean Egan, 2007) is also worthwhile buying as it's a reference guide, so if the reader is that keen on pop music, the book costs about 17 pounds on Amazon ( about S$40.00++?).
The content consists of music from 1890 up to the present day. That's a long history and a detailed and interesting one too. This blogger is learning a lot from this book and as usual, it's available in our libraries.
With nearly 800 pages, the book is small, square and thick. But worth the amount paid for!
Original article: Andy Lim

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