Thursday, August 27, 2009

(2) James Bond - Thunderball - The Trailers

Thunderball*, a James Bond song, originally by Tom Jones, was recorded by a well-known Singapore band, The Trailers. It was the B-side to their hot-seller, Do It Right by Benny Koh (image

The group's manager Tommy Low secured a contract with Cosdel Records and released this, their first single in May, 1966 (CSP 1007). Thunderball was arranged by pianist Jimmy Chan who was with the Flamingos Combo - see posting on James Choa. The single did very well and it was a great start for The Trailers Enterprise which began in September, 1965.

For first-timers in the local 60s recording industry, Thunderball, an instrumental, is commendable, especially with Tony Zee's (percussion) booming introduction and drum-roll end. Although the rhythm, bass and keyboard accompaniment is louder than the lead guitar, it is on the whole an acceptable piece.

According to Wikipedia, the version recorded by Shirley Bassey and re-recorded by Dionne Warwick was not released until the 90's. John Barry composed it with lyricist Don Black. Tom Jones, who sang Thunderball, fainted during recording when singing the final, high note, "I closed my eyes and held the note for so long that when I opened my eyes the room was spinning."

*Thunderball was at 1st place on Singapore's Top Tunes on February 14, 1966.

Image/original article: Andy Lim Collection.

James Bond, not 007 but 087 today:
Sean Connery today as he is seen here from a Daily Mirror newspaper photo on 5th September 2017. He is with a walking stick and walks slow. James Bond 087 as he is known now.

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