Wednesday, July 01, 2009

(7) Indo Rock Connection - Willy & His Giants

Willy Wissink started in 1959 with a group called, The Real Rhythm Rockers from The Hague in Holland. Then in early 1962, he recorded his first instrumentals for Artone Records with his new band The Giants.

Willy Wissink's rock version of the Indonesian/Dutch folk song, Ajoen, Ajoen was released and became successful in many countries. Japan was overwhelmed with this group and Ajoen, Ajoen sold more than 100,000 copies.

Personally, while going through the collection of vinyls, the chance discovery showed a singles pressing of Ajoen, Ajoen (DR25163), a traditional folk song, with its flipside, Sarina (DR25177A), composed by Bill Buysman. It is produced by Life Record (4-003), with permission from the original by Artone Gramophone in Holland.

Willy (solo guitar) and His Giants have recorded covers like, Baby Love, Great Pretender, One Night and High Noon. Their selection is different from The Jumping Jewels and they are not as popular in Singapore, but like the Blue Diamonds and Anneke Gronloh, they have certainly made some impact with their Indo/Dutch influence. They are as active as ever and, according to the website, have been doing revivals.
ndo-pop is also known as Neder-pop (Netherlands).
Images from: Willy & His Giants/Ajoen Ajoen Website which is in Dutch.
Information from: Dutch Instro Rockin'/Electric Guitars by Piet Muys.
Original article: Andy Lim Collection.
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Anonymous said...

Not very popular but a remarkable group indeed.

Anonymous said...

Ajoen, Ajoen means 'Swing' in Bahasia Indonesia. Ajoen, ajoenan! Sitting on the swing and swinging on it.