Monday, July 06, 2009

60s Music From:

Terima kaseh kepada 'womad' atas tulisan2 berkenaan blog ini. Thanks to a really, talented and kind blogger at: who featured this blog. He is a fantastic artist, has unique blogging techniques and writes interesting compositions about "all kinds of everything, reminds me of you..." Do visit his blog.
Below is the extract he wrote:
"Nonetheless, it's all thanks to one featured singer, Andy Young, from whose blog, had featured the event (about the Orchid Country show). Now, if you still go crazy for bell-bottoms, polka-dotted skirts or plastic headbands and earrings, I'm sure you'll go crazy when you read his blog as well. It has extensive information on Singapore's 60s music scene and also the global influence of that period.
I think at times, some of us take blogging for granted and less appreciative towards our content. In short, it's grateful that someone like him takes the time to record all of his knowledge to our music into the world wide web." by Wan Mohammed Haddad.
Chatting with Audie Ng (Silver Strings/leader/bassist) and Ronnie (of The Burns) some time ago, we discussed about wearing 60s outfit for the show, an idea brought about by 'womad' in his comment on this blog.
Original article: Andy Lim


womad said...

Hello Andy! I really didnt expect this! Hehe, nonetheless, thank you so much!!

Best of luck for your show! =)

Andy Young* said...

Thanks womad, to you. Please feel free to write anytime. Your comments are always important.

Anonymous said...

I whole-heartedly agree with womad.Andy has spared no effort in sharing with us so selflessly his first-hand experience and insights of the musical landscape of the 60s. MIKE CHAN