Friday, June 12, 2009

Vespa Club Singapore & 60s Music Talentime

To own a Vespa scooter in the early 60s was a breeze and a joy. As roads were empty, one could travel with ease and enjoy the breeze in pollution free Singapore.
There were privileges too, as The Vespa Club at Siglap Road in the East Coast had a comfortable bungalow amidst green surroundings, where members could exchange ideas, pick up repair tips and socialize with other Vespa owners.
There was a talentime competition for members during the Christmas festivities at the club and some members pariticipated. It was around the middle of December, 1961. Anyone had a Vespa?
(Image: Vespa 1961 Model. From:

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Anonymous said...

It's a handsome two wheelers, and well-kept ones still draw admiring glances. ROGER POH