Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Freddie Aguilar Anak Philippino Music Influence

This blog usually does not usually discuss late 70s music but there's always an exception and this particular song is going into that territory.

Most 60s music lovers and those in the business, play this song over and over again because of its haunting melody and heart rendering tale of a parent’s love for a wayward child. It has captured the ears and hearts of many Singaporeans and to many, it seems to be the only folk song that comes from this beautiful country of music, love and 7,107 islands.

The original Tagalog version that brought it an international success, climbed fast to the top ten charts in Japan and Europe; over 30 million copies were sold worldwide, with more than 100 cover versions and 55 conversions in 27 languages, including English.

The singer is Freddie Aguilar, the one Asian singer, and composer who broke into the western market with this unbelievably poignant song. Aguilar has been given the distinction of being the only Asian artist to achieve worldwide fame. It was such a big hit that Billboard Magazine reported it as a No. 2 on the Top 100 Hits of the World in the 80s.

Go to any nightspot in Singapore today and the song is still being played by our local artistes, sometimes in Tagalog and sometimes in English. I first heard it sung by a Filipino singer at the former Glass Hotel at Havelock Road.

Article: Andy Lim


Roger said...

A remarkable achievement surely. Incredible.

Victor said...

Hey Andy, do you know Vernon Cheong? He's got a blog similar to yours.

Andy Young* said...

We dont know each other personally but I have visited his blog and I think it's fabulous.

Andy Young* said...

Vernon Cheong started his blog much earlier, detailed and knowledgeable with Singappore 60s pop music but he concentrates on SE Asian talents.
This blog explains music influencing our talents in the 60s.
But I think we both do it for the passion and fun and never for financial gains.

womad said...

Hi Andy! Just read this after so long of not visiting your blog. Aguilar's 'Anak' is certainly one of my favourite of all time. Simple and catchy tune, plus the moral values that it contains. It's great that you featured him!

Andy Young* said...

Hi womad, thanks for the kind words. I just bought one of his LPs, 'Freddie Aguilar After Anak' and features covers like, 'House of Rising Sun', 'Blowing in the Wind', 'The Boxer' and other Aguilar originals.
Costs me $2.00 and it's on Polydor (2427 021).

Andy Young* said...

I cannot access your blog anymore womad. Please help. Have you shut it down?

womad said...

It cost you SGD2.00? That's a really good buy for a collection!

Regarding my blog: No, i didn't shut it down. you can try access it through here:

Andy Young* said...

Thanks womad for the plug. Just visited your blog and I typed your article for today's posting. Hope you don't mind.
I like your blog though it seems to have lost some sting... I actually love your rebellious self. But what you're doing now is great.
And a fantastic artist too!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Andy Young* said...

Above two comments have been deleted. Promotional items which we DO NOT encourage!

Mary Abrogar said...

Hi Andy, I encountered your blog while doing my research for our bar.

Being a Filipino, I have so many things to be proud of (despite our infamous govt) and one of them is Ka-Freddie. Indeed, he is remarkable. Manifested by the numerous translation of "Anak".

Andy Young* said...

Hi Mary,
Thanks for visiting and your comments about Freddie Aguilar.

Singapore has many Filipino professionals working in the music industry and when I meet them we discuss Aguilar and Anak. He's really the best.

Good luck on your research and do write again when you are free.


He ​released ​his ​new ​album ​“Magdalena”. ​It ​went ​double ​platinum ​in ​its ​original ​Tagalog ​language ​– ​the ​language ​Freddie ​totally ​loves ​and ​believes ​in. ​Since ​then ​he ​has ​played ​a ​pivotal ​role ​in ​the ​musical ​life ​of ​modern ​Philippines ​in ​films, ​stage ​shows ​and ​recordings. ​
The ​Story ​of ​Anak ​is ​one ​of ​endeavor, ​perseverance, ​nationalism, ​and ​the ​use ​simple ​musical ​tools ​and ​language ​that ​points ​directly ​to ​the ​heart ​and ​ears ​of ​the ​human ​being. ​Freddie ​has ​also ​presented ​the ​Asian ​music ​industry ​with ​a ​unique ​music ​business ​model. ​He ​is ​coming ​to ​Singapore ​to ​tell ​us ​some ​of ​the ​long ​held-back ​stories ​behind ​“Anak” ​and ​his ​illustrious ​self-made ​musical ​career. ​