Sunday, June 28, 2009

(1) Penny Lim Silver Stones Chinese 60s Music

Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and other South East Asian countries have their fair share of lady singers in the 60s. They are young, pretty and talented and steal the limelight. These singers include, SK Poon, Sakura Teng, Rita Chao, Theresa Teng, Agnes Chan, Lena Lim and a host of others.
But these singers paved the way for others and these late 60s ladies have managed to press vinyls to their names too. Penny Lim is one and the image shows that she has recorded with The Silverstones.

In this particular Sakura Records release, she sings covers by Western pop singers with such hit classics like Butterfly by Jim Ed Brown (a French song translated into German and English), Circle Game (1968) by Joni Mitchell, All Kinds Of Everything (1970) by Dana and Sweet Dreams, which I have no knowledge about. Couldn't have been by the Eurythmics. Most of them sing in both Chinese and English.
Certainly an accomplished group, The Silverstones use the echo chamber to advantage. Is it possible to differentiate them from the Stylers?
Image/Original Article: Andy Lim Collection.


Anonymous said...

Is there any chance that someone can upload this gem ? Before its lost and forgotten.

Andy Young* said...

They have been uploaded and available on the market, including many other songs.

But whether they are pirated ones or otherwise is uncertain.

Thank you for visiting. Would be nice if you reveal yourself. I like your interest in these records.