Monday, June 08, 2009

On Music Guide Dot Net - Oh OK. Thank You.

This blog is on: "Music CD Review, Concertoes, New And Music Events Review, All Music Review" under "Andy Book: Music Electronic Genre," on April 10th 2009. OK, thanks.

"Singapore 60s Sixties Pop Music Website '08. Know about Singapore, Malaysia garage bands, kugiran, pop yeh yeh, lull n unfold, fundamentals and Western play on the 60s participate. I sang as ANDY Boyish and THE Silvery STRINGS and appeared on ....

No white-haired novelist but whatever book that comes along the way. Keen is noted but it's as a rule literary fiction. Timothy Findley, Margaret Laurence, Dostoyevsky, FS. Fitzgerald too. Do a note to direct me. Zoom to NLB branches..."
Maybe the book-list that I had should be re-instated?
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