Wednesday, June 17, 2009

(1) Henry Suriya Singapore 60s Artiste Recalls:

Local music was at its peak during the 60s, it was a period which also saw the beginning of some good song writers and record producers.

The 60s was a vibrant period for Singapore's music industry. Everyone became a part of the music scene - those who liked to dance, those who loved and bought our vinyl records, the radio stations that played our music - without them no singers and bands could continue. Their support for the locals artistes was the greatest compliment any artiste could ever want.

To many of us, music was just a hobby. We could never make a living from music. The highest one could achieve is to make a record and get some publicity in the media.

(1st part of a series where HENRY SURIYA, recording artiste, provides an overview of Singapore's vibrant music scene during the 60s .)

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