Sunday, June 21, 2009

From San Francisco To Singapore - 60s Music

As explained in a previous posting (June 16/2009), another popular song covered by as many singers and instrumental groups, is the June, 1967 hippie hit, San Francisco (wear some flowers in your hair) by Scott McKenzie. It was composed by John Philips of the Papas and the Mamas.

Do not to be mistaken, because another San Francisco begins with the line, "I left my heart in San Francisco" sung by Tony Bennett in 1962 but written in 1954 by Cory/Cross. It was a hit as well.

In Singapore, the Girvin Sisters, Elizabeth and Marilyn with *Horace Wee, were backed by Charlie and His Orchestra to record a single (image), with Guantanamera as its A-side. 'Charlie' is well-known amongst vinyl record collectors as his name and 'orchestra' seemed to have backed many local artistes. The vinyl was produced by Star Swan Records. (Check posting on December, 21/2008.)

*The possibility that it is Horace Wee comes from Alphonso Soosay's write-up on this superb Singapore guitarist as he lead the RTS (Radio TV Singapore) Orchestra's performance of this song which attracted a huge number of fans and reviews on the media. (Universal Music, Singapore.)

Image/Article: Andy Lim Collection. All Rights Reserved.

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