Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Esquires were men of steel who braved the night to heat the stage up at the VivoCity Concert in November 2008. They were the band that started the rockin' and rollin' that evening. Some of them are more than half a century young but they were in top form.

The concert also featured The Silver Strings, Veronica, Mike & Herb, Andy, Wilson David, Max Surin, Michael Goh and The Trailers. Jerry Fernandez was the MC for the evening and the other Jerry was on the drums (right).
Images: all 3 from Mike & Herb through Steven Farram - Australia.


Anonymous said...

Grandpas still going strong, huh? Well done. As they say, oldies but goodies. If the young scoff at this, soon in a flash they'll be where we are today. ALBERT CRAMMER, USA

Andy Young* said...

Thanks Albert, yes we all grow young but only once, so make the best of it.

Anonymous said...

Good band, Esquires, but not original group. A mix of 60s bands, but interesting select.