Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Singapore 60s Music Including Silver Strings

No fanfare, no promotions, unnecessary discussion! Just stop, look, listen and buy. Take it home and enjoy the music.
"Stop, look and listen, baby/It's my philosophy..." (Elvis Presley).
Image: Box Cover/100 Greatest Singapore 60s/Universal Music Singapore.


Victor said...

Should have been "Just stop, look, buy and listen" because some people "listen already, don't buy". By the way, where to buy and how much?

Andy Young* said...

I think Victor you can get it in any CD shop and to be fair, I cannot promote anything on this blog.

A buyer needs to stop, look and LISTEN to the tracks in the shop and then decide whether to BUY because there are people who may not appreciate the songs available.

Anonymous said...

60s music is an unforgettable landmark in my growing up years, and I'm glad they've finally made a compilation. JAMES

Andy Young* said...

Thank you James. Supporting 60s music is remembering the folks who made it possible.

ben said...

i love it

Andy Young* said...

Thank you ben. Love your blog too. Very informative.