Sunday, June 21, 2009

60s Music Scene - Brawls? Play Peace Pipe!

To believe that the 60s music scene was all glamour and glitz is to believe that fairy tales are true. There were happy times when bands had it good, just singing their songs and strumming their guitars in unison at the various venues but there were times when the goings were rough and band members would try to avoid the confusion and play on.

It happened sometimes, when a bunch of rowdy youths would come into the night spots to create problems. They could get wild and become unruly even during a performance. A staring incident could easily trigger a fight.

These fights usually started when a group was having a good time at a night club, drinking and dancing with their girl friends on the floor, while another group would be staring at these girls. When one party challenged the other, a quarrel would ensue and minor scuffles occurred.
Personally, there were no encounters when the Silver Strings or Velvetones performed during our time. They were all peaceful occasions as patrons enjoyed the singing, the music and the dancing. Management, at these entertainment halls, was always cautious of trouble-makers so actually, "fairy tales can come true, it may happen to you, if you're Young at heart." And play Peace Pipe by the Shadows.
Image: Showing youthful attitude and gait that could create a misunderstanding between parties but they may not necessarily be bad hats.
Image/article: Andy Lim Collection.


Victor said...

Seems like nothing much has changed since the 1960s. Fights arising from staring incidents are still common nowadays though they may not be confined to pubs.

Andy Young* said...

60s musicians tell their tales when topics are discussed. There will be more interesting ones.

Andy Young* said...

Honestly, I haven't encountered one myself. Perhaps the attitude of certain people just attracts negative vibes.