Thursday, May 07, 2009

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"Ever wondered what local music in the 60s was like? Andy Lim, formerly known as Andy Young writes about popular music in Singapore and Malaysia during this period, not to mention the musical influences from Europe, US and Hong Kong that also helped shaped the sound of the times.

You might have heard of Andy Young because he *sang with the band, The Silver Strings and graced many a nightclub, hotel, theatre and cinema during the early 1960s. Just reading about the memories of The Silver Strings alone gives you an idea of how vibrant the music scene at the time - and all this without Youtube and Garageband!

So take a walk down to the groovy 60s in the Singapore 60s Pop Music Website and rediscover a colourful musical past.

Thanks to Victor, one of our FOYers (Friends Of who discovered this site."

*Please read Comment by blogger overleaf.
What is about:

"First launched in March 2006, this site has helped us unearth a treasure trove of stories and memories of the Singapore of old. With the support of a group of heritage enthusiasts called the Friends of (FOYers), the site has proven to be immensely popular with the younger generation who are interested in discovering their unique heritage here in Singapore.

As you go through this site, we hope you enjoy this journey back into the past. The site was revamped and relaunched as a social media portal on February 6 2009 to heighten that ethereal feel of travelling back in time. We’ve also added new elements such as a multimedia platform to enrich your surfing experience."  Do visit the site.

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Andy Young* said...

I sang with the Silver Strings but also free-lanced and fronted the Velvetones and the Swallows for short periods of time.
This explanation is necessary to avoid any misconception.