Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pop 60s - Sugiman Jahuri - Radio TV Singapore

September 7th, 2007: Mr. Lam Chun See from Good Morning Yesterday writes about the black and white programmes on Radio Television Singapore (RTS) in the early 60s. In reply, Peter remembers, The Rado Show with Tan Tock Peng and The Citizen Watch Show in 1972 with Larry Lai.

He continues, "The Talentime finals was beamed 'live' from the National Theatre. I remember one contestant who could make music from bending his carpenter's saw, The Bambinos and velvety-voice, Sugiman Jahuri who sang, Woman, Woman."

By coincidence another kind and close friend gave me his small collection of about 25 EPs of local singers and two of them were recorded on EMI by *Sugiman Jahuri (image).

The first one has, Woman Woman, Everytime I Fall In Love, If You Change Your Mind and Give Her My Love, while the second album features: Look At You, It's Not For Me To Say, You Make My Life Worthwhile and Born Free.

*Sugiman is known as, 'The Man from Bukom', 2nd prize winner of the RTS Talentime 1968.

(Image/Original Posting: Andy Lim Collection. )


Anonymous said...

I remember my excitement over the singing competitions mentioned here.A great pity the foolish bureaucrats tore down the iconic National Theatre. RAHMAN

Anonymous said...

They made it up with the Singapore Indoor Stadium but its acoustics is just as problematic as the National Theatre's.
The only venue of supposedly world class standard is the Esplanade Theatre but it costs a bomb to rent it for a night.

Andy Young* said...

One of the best venues is the Esplanade Concert Hall and on Sunday, a rock concert will be held. Fantastic!

And they are our own rockers are from Geylang Serai. Rock on Ramli Sarip and Sweet Charity.

Anonymous said...

Sugiman was phenomenal on TV, wonderful voice.

Anonymous said...

Always love Sugiman's appearance and voice over TV Singapore when he sings. Cool guy with a pleasant and typically Malay kampong boy attitude.We surely miss him nowadays.

Rudy Djoharnaen said...

Sugiman Jahuri's a legend. A crooner.

andy, my email is

lets meet for teh tarik and chat.


Andy Young* said...

OK Rudy, I shall write to you after Christmas. We'll meet for kopi and talk about Sugiman, Ramlee and Malay movies.


Rudy Djoharnaen said...

Hi Mr Andy,

remember me?

I met Sugiman last year. He lives in West Coast and happily karaokeing at old age. Very humble guy.

Andy Lim* said...

Hi Rudy,
Thanks for visiting and writing again. I truly appreciate the information you provided.

I hope you are still at the same email address. If otherwise, please write to me again and include your new email address. I shall not publish it.

We must meet soon and I apologise for not keep my promise the last time.

I will definitely write to you.

Unk Dicko said...

Just received news from my ex-colleagues from Serangoon Sec that Mr AUBREY VIVIAN MILES,the leader of the Bambinos trio...has passed away age 82 on 30 April 2017.
His obituary is in the Straits Times.
I knew Mr Miles as his only son Jonathan was my student.
In addition, Miles was very supportive of the PSG activities in the school and I had
on a few occasions performed with him at our sch functions...he on guitar and me either on guitar or Ukulele.
He was a lovely singer and knew lots of old songs.
Gone but will never be forgotten.