Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sound Of Music - Julie Andrews - Do Re Mi

This 1965 musical, with Julie Andrews/Christopher Plummer, needs no introduction. The 8-year-old knows the tunes of almost all the songs that the 80 year hums with the grandchild. "The Sound Of Music" (image) came right after the success of numerous other musicals that invaded Singapore in the 50's and 60's.

Besides the 2 musicals posted, "Kismet" (Stranger In Paradise), "West Side Story" (Maria), "Oklahoma" (Oh What A Beautiful Morning), "Fiddler On The Roof" (Sunrise, Sunset) and "South Pacific" (Bali Ha'i) were only a few musicals that burst on the scene during Singapore's youth. These images came way before "Cats", "Phantom," and "Miss Saigon," flirted with our population.

There is no need to list the songs from TSOM because anyone who knows 60's music, knows them. Remember the 5 year old? He or she could have learnt "Do Re Mi," one of twelve songs in the musical, before the other hits. "Edelweiss," is another pop classic. This musical, ironically, became popular on Broadway only after the film version was embraced by the public in the U.S.

Local group, The Quests recorded a 45 vinyl single of "Sound Of Music" (Rodgers/Hammerstein's title song, EMI/Columbia: DO 4638) with Reggie Verghese, "Love Has Gone," on the flip. What about other groups? Have they recorded musicals?

Image: Sound Of Music website
Original article: Andy Lim.


foodbin said...

one of my fave movies.

newd acid said...

one of the greatest music movies.

Andy Young* said...

Thanks foodbin. Your blog is great too. Please keep in touch.

Andy Young* said...

Hi newd acid,
Thanks for visit. I checked out your blog and learn from the posting you have.

Do keep in touch.

YI PENG LI said...

I chanced upon your Sound of Music post very much by accident. Please might I share a few things with you? It's fitting that I should be saying them in the year when the film of the musical marks its golden anniversary, just like our beloved Republic of Singapore just did.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hi Peng Li,

Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it very much. It is very interesting and informative so I shall post it for next week's blog (last week of October, 2015). I have put up only the first paragraph.

Strange, I had thoughts for the past few weeks of writing about all the musicals my wife and I had seen when were in London since the 1980's and the 1990's, where we made it a point to watch as many of the West End productions as we could. And we covered quite a number. Then your comment came along.

I have been reading your Google+ site. I love the videos and music choices. Very similar to mine.

It would be great if you could be a regular contributor on this blog. Do write again when you are free. And thanks so much for visiting.