Sunday, May 10, 2009

60s Pop History In Detail - Nick Johnstone

This book, available in our libraries, is a simple read but so chock full of information about the mid-50's pioneers of rock n rollers that no 60s music enthusiast would want to miss it.
The writer is Nick Johnstone, journalist, writer, lecturer and pop guru who engages details about Elvis, Chuck Berry, Bill Haley, etc in his lively and entertaining book. Find out how, "Blue Suede Shoes," (Carl Perkins) was conceptualised and why it didn't succeed with Elvis the first time around.
Rock n Roll was born in 1956 when Elvis released "Heartbreak Hotel", way after "That's All Right Mama", Chuck Berry sang, "Roll Over Beethoven", Little Richard blurred boundaries with "Tutti Frutti" and pop music hit the big screen with "Rock Around the Clock", featuring Bill Haley and the Comets.
According to Towerbooks review, the writer delves, " into the mainstream and explores its African-American roots. He also shows how the DNA fused in that one burst of creativity has persisted for the next 50 years." Like I said, simple to read but thick with details.
Review: Andy Lim Collection

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