Saturday, April 11, 2009

(1) Singapore 60s Idol Mark Yun & Moonglows

He's back and this posting is one part of a series because MARK YUN was a big star from 1962 onward after winning a radio talentime contest produced by the late Steven Lee (radio programmes producer and announcer).

The above record was his second one with his own composition, I've Got A Feeling Tonight. He was accompanied by The Moonglows.

Mark Yun, accompanied by The Moonglows, with Sunny Bala behind Mark, in 1968 (b/w image) and The Thunderbirds with Harvey Fitzgerald at The Sheraton in 1974.

Asked why he did not turn professional, Mark's answer was simple, "Those days, the market for music in Singapore was limited and it would not have been practical to take it up professionally. Maybe if it was in Europe or America where several kinds of music can exist side by side, I might have been able to make a living out of it."

Notice the Fender amplifiers and guitars in the b/w image which were the order of the day.

(Above extract: Andy Lim's interview with Mark Yun. All rights reserved.)


From Straits Times Press (Freddie Kang's Facebook)

Mark has passed away on 19th June, 2014. My promises to meet him for kopi and lunch never came about. I should have done so when he suggested it. I read about his passing only today 23rd June, 2014 from Freddie Kang's Facebook.

Rest In Peace Mark. You're a quiet guy but a great singer. Thanks for the photographs and copy of your record you lent me for this blog when we last met in 2009.

Mark was one of the first few singers who recorded with Philips during the early years of Singapore's popular music era. He was a school teacher and dedicated his time to both his career and his singing. 

Condolences to Mrs Yun and the family.


Anonymous said...

A-ha. Matching font colour huh? A nice touch, sir. Haven't heard of him so am waiting for your interview.

Richard Ooi

Andy Young* said...

In his own words, Mark Yun relates his rise to stardom in Singapore 60s but because he was a teacher he was unable to pursue further his first love, singing.

Hopefully in the next few postings.

Anonymous said...

Dulu saya peminat Mark Yun. Dia ada gaya dan cara menyanyi yang hebat.


Victor said...

Hi Andy, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. My friend Peter Chan who also played in a band before in the 70s would like to get in touch with you. You may send me an email at:

BTW, you have a great blog here.

Thanks and best regards.

Andy Young* said...

Thank you Victor. Hopefully the positive footprints we leave will encourage others to emulate and improve.

Andy Young

Andy Young* said...

Mark Yun. Great guy. Always cheerful and smiling.

Anonymous said...

this is my grandfather!!hahahaha

unknown writer said...

Mark Yun here. I just discovered this website and saw your post about me. i am very greatful on seeing you want an interview with me and i will gladly accept if you still want an interview.

unknown writer said...

sorry but please reach me at

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

I don't remember if I took his offer immediately but I finally met him again at his large bungalow in the Serangoon area. Mark was a very nice guy, had this piano in his living room and spacious outside. Was still robust and strong when we met but as seniors we become frail as the years go by.

Rest in peace Mark. Your songs will live in our memories. More importantly they are original Singapore songs, and that's a serious matter.