Wednesday, April 08, 2009

50s/60s Music Scene The Platters "Only You"

Remembering Tony Williams, lead tenor, was not a problem especially when he was a 50s singer in one of the most renowned vocal groups in the U.S. and possibly the world . David Lynch, Paul Robi, Herb Reed and Zola Taylor were THE PLATTERS. And "Only You", their first song, became a Top Ten on the charts for weeks.
Then came "The Great Pretender" and a string of other hits that are still being played around the world today. They appeared in the movie, "Rock Around The Clock" with Bill Haley's Comets together with a host of other rock and roll greats. The Platters recorded about three dozen songs and most have lasted generations and become evergreens.

"Buck Ram is remembered for his long association with The Platters, whom he signed to a management contract in 1953. Ram was working as a talent manager, A&R man and saxophone player in a dance band when Tony Williams, the brother of one of Ram's clients, auditioned for him. Ram was looking for a group to sing the songs he wrote and found the voice he was looking for in Williams.

He built The Platters around him. Ram arranged and produced all recordings by The Platters, from their signing with Mercury Records until his death, and wrote their biggest hits including Only You (And You Alone), The Great Pretender. Magic Touch, and Twilight Time."


During the Singapore 60s music scene, our local boys and girls formed vocal groups too and the more popular ones were, The Tid-Bits, The Crescendos, The Three Bambinos and The Gay Lads (Gay = Happy).

Key YouTube: the platters twilight time.

By: Andy Lim

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